At Thornel, we design and build custom-integrated solutions to solve your storage and space expansion needs. Our systems are engineered to optimize space, increase storage, and refine workflow to boost productivity.

What to Gain From Custom Integrated Solutions?

Custom-integrated solutions allow connected systems to be simple for end-users, automated, systemized, and run in real time. At Thornel, we are determined to build high quality storage and expansion solutions as quickly as possible.

Serves as an Extra Hand During Operations

Custom integrated solutions enable clients to revamp the workforce in accomplishing business tasks. Since companies outsource integrators to implement custom systems, they are temporarily adding people to help with their operations until the end of the project.

Faster Turnaround

Since additional people are working towards the same objectives, tasks and projects within the company are completed faster than usual without compromising quality outputs.

Highly Customizable Systems

As its name suggests, companies can unlimitedly customize custom-integrated solutions to cater to their requirements and standards. This results in systems that are specially tailored to solve variances that are unique to the company.

Lower Operational Costs

Companies can save time and resources by implementing custom-integrated solutions. Experimenting with which system works best for the company is no longer necessary because they have access to a pool of field experts. Additionally, the company can invest in something other than essential equipment as they are usually included in the custom systems service offered by the integrators.

Improved Safety and Security

Thornel’s custom-integrated solutions include features that can enhance workplace safety and security. For instance, our systems can be designed to have fire suppression systems, security alarms, and access control measures, ensuring that businesses can maintain a safe working environment for their employees.

Increased Flexibility

Custom-integrated solutions offer increased flexibility for businesses. They can be designed to be easily reconfigured or expanded as business needs change, allowing companies to adjust their storage and space requirements without completely overhauling their systems.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Businesses can create more effective and efficient processes with customized integrated solutions, which increases customer satisfaction. By optimizing workflow and reducing operational costs, companies can allocate more resources to improve customer service, resulting in higher customer approval and retention. Additionally, companies can offer customers faster and more accurate services thanks to the enhanced systems and procedures that come with custom integrated solutions.

Custom Integrated Solutions By Thornel

Thornel is a dedicated integrator of custom-integrated solutions in the context of custom systems designed to support our clients’ facility expansion and relocation.

We offer the following custom integrated solutions services:

  • Consulting
  • Concept Design
  • Project Management
  • Seismic Design
  • Installation

Our process includes meeting with our partners to survey the area and comprehend the problems. With expertise in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), we develop shop drawings, recommend concepts, and suggest system designs from various outlooks. Our team of specialists guarantees the use of space, human resources, and gear for a successful relocation or expansion project.

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