What Thornel does best is custom system design.

Thornel understands that every project has its own unique challenges.

Thornel is not a distributor, but an integrator of custom systems design to optimize space, increase storage, and improve workflow for greater efficiency. Thornel meets with its clients to survey the space and understand the challenges. From there, Thornel and the team can use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to present concepts and a variety of recommended system designs from varying perspectives. The team will determine the most efficient use of floor space, manpower, and equipment to help you prepare to expand or relocate your facility.

Custom, integrated solutions require a team that has managed projects of similar scale and a systematic process from critical building measurements to installation.

When you partner with Thornel, you are supported by their team throughout each phase of the project until a successful walk thru is complete. For any questions about our integrated solutions, contact us today.