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When faced with a growing industrial warehouse, you may think that expanding or relocating to a new facility are your only options. But what if you could double or triple your current storage space in the exact same facility? At Thornel, we offer industrial storage solutions designed to maximize storage space in your existing facility. Our products improve workplace safety with clear paths and better visibility to boost efficiency and reduce worker accidents.

Thornel offers several effective industrial storage solutions, such as racking systems, mezzanines, and storage containers. Together, we can redesign your industrial storage space to accommodate the needs of your growing business.

Types of Industrial Storage Solutions

Thornel products maximize space and efficiency and are ergonomically designed for safety and improved picking access. We offer industrial racks, partitions, shelving, containers, mezzanines, and more to improve your warehouse layout and resolve your storage capacity needs.

Industrial Shelving Units

We offer steel or wire shelving systems to accommodate a variety of industrial applications. For instance, high-quality steel shelving is ideal for storing small components that could easily fall through other racks. The design of this shelving unit enables quick installation and is a good choice for handling inventory storage with multi-level or high-rise configurations.

Wire shelving systems have a distinct advantage over other industrial storage solutions, including:

  • easy assembly (no tools required)
  • increased product visibility; and
  • availability in various finishes.

Utilizing a unique combination of our shelving units allows customers to meet the demands of any industrial application.

Industrial Racking Systems

At Thornel, we can develop an industrial racking system to meet your warehouse storage needs. We can provide you with rack protectors, label holders, placard labeling systems, and rack repair services to support a safe and efficient system.

We offer the following racking solutions:

  • Cantilever Rack: Effective for storing irregularly shaped or long items, such as piping, lumber, and furniture. The design creates a safe storage space for hard-to-handle items.
  • Bulk Rack: A heavy-duty stud and keyhole design provides great sturdiness for storage solutions requiring an extra layer of safety.
  • Push Back Rack: This product provides storage density and SKU selectivity. The industrial racking system allows for adequate storage for two to five loads deep, utilizing a Last In, First Out (LIFO) inventory management program.
  • Drive-In Rack: Offering the highest density storage solution available, drive-through and drive-in racks accommodate lift truck travel. Ideal for large-volume storage, these rack styles are the preferred choice for storing pallets of like products in storage bays.
  • Selective Pallet Rack: Among our most popular rack types, the selective pallet rack offers extreme versatility with quick, direct access to stored pallet loads.

We also offer the following order-picking solutions:

  • Carton Flow Rack: This style rack is gravity-driven and an ideal solution for applications that have numerous SKUs, providing a first-in and first-out flow. Typically found in order fulfillment centers that demand order accuracy, these racks offer increased visibility. Configuration styles vary and can handle a broad range of loads for effective split-case and full-case picking.
  • Shelving: This storage style encompasses a wide variety of steel and wire shelving systems. Steel shelvings are designed to store small parts that may fall through standard wire shelves. Our high-quality industrial steel shelving is a simple storage solution for supplies and inventory in high-rise or multi-level installations. As for our wire shelving systems, no tools are required for assembly, and this storage allows air and light to enter, allowing increased product visibility.

Industrial Mezzanines

Industrial steel mezzanines maximize space with custom-designed raised workspaces. Utilizing overhead warehouse space enables businesses to take advantage of valuable manufacturing, storage, office, and working areas. With little to no operational disruption, a mezzanine is thus a cost-effective solution compared to new construction.

Our custom-designed mezzanines create high-load-bearing overhead levels that offer rugged support. In addition, they eliminate obstructing bracing that can limit the utilization of lower-level areas. Available optional accessories include decking, vertical lifts, landings, stairs, double drop safety gates, sliding gates, and more.

Two primary types of industrial mezzanine construction include rack-supported mezzanines and industrial work platforms (IWP).

Industrial Storage Containers

Warehouses and other spaces rely on the versatility of storage containers to stack, store, protect, and transport materials. Thus, selecting the proper industrial storage container is essential to effective warehouse management.

Thornel offers the following types of industrial storage containers:

  • Stack & Nest: These containers are designed for general manufacturing, distribution, and food applications. When filled, the containers easily stack for shipping purposes. They can turn 180º and nest inside one another for compact storage.
  • Attached Lid: These offer an ideal solution for storing, picking, and shipping while meeting the needs of grocery, general manufacturing, and retail/wholesale product distribution. They are available with attached or detached lids.
  • Hopper-Front: A clear hopper window offers unobstructed access to the container’s contents. Materials can be poured into the back and accessed from the front of the container for first-in, first-out rotation. The polypropylene containers can hang, stack, or sit on existing shelving for ideal storage solutions.
  • Collapsible Bulk: Thornel offers a complete line of stackable and collapsible bulk containers in multiple sizes, including 32″ x 30″, 48″ x 40″, and 48″ x 45″.
  • Heavy-Duty Bulk Storage: Easily customized to meet your business specifications, these durable containers consist of corrugated steel and can accommodate up to 6,000 pounds.
  • Plastic Corrugated: These lightweight, corrugated plastic totes are perfect for manufacturing tasks. Moreover, color coding provides easy identification and quick inventory reference.
  • Hopper Steel Containers: These units reduce material movement by effectively dispensing products and storing materials, providing convenient storage and work area.


Safety is a primary concern in busy warehouse environments. Hence, Thornel Associates offers a line of wire partitions and modular offices that help protect inventory without limiting access to stored products, keeping customers and employees safe. Thornel also designs customizable spaces with features such as thermal walls, electrical outlets, material composition, windows, doors, and more.

  • Wire Partitions: These modular steel systems are available in welded, mesh, or woven configurations. They offer added security, safety, and separation.
  • Modular Office: Modular buildings can be customized to fit your specific needs. With interchangeable wall, window, and door panels, you can make quick adjustments without affecting the ceiling or surrounding panels.

Thornel also offers various safety solutions, including rack protectors, standard rack repair, and safety netting.

Small Parts Handling & Organization Compartment

Storage containers keep small parts organized and easily accessible. They are available in various sizes with compartments and dividers to ensure safe storage and transport. Also, plastic containers are rustproof and resistant to dents and toxic chemicals.

Thornel offers the following solutions for small parts handling and storage:

  • Drawer Cabinets: These cabinets provide ergonomic versatility for storing and handling small parts. The cabinet can manage a wide range of applications while providing organization, convenience, and ample weight-bearing capacity.
  • Horizontal Carousel: An oval track houses a series of mounted bins that rotate to bring the desired items to the worker, integrated with computer controls. Benefits include quick payback, cube utilization, reduced labor, high throughput, and increased accuracy.
  • Vertical Carousel: This is an ideal solution for areas with limited floor space. The inventory moves upwards in a circular vertical pattern, increasing efficiency, storage density, and throughput.
  • Traditional Plastic Bins: These offer a convenient and affordable option for storing and retrieving small parts.

Why Implement Industrial Storage Solutions / Advantages of Industrial Storage Solutions

Thornel Associates offers unique space-saving solutions for crowded work areas. The benefits of implementing industrial storage solutions include the following:

  • Maximize Floor Space Utility. You can increase inventory capacity by doubling the available floor space in your building without requiring additional square footage. Whether you want to take advantage of economical vertical racking or high-volume bulk storage, we can create a plan to match your specific business needs. Thornel offers high-density storage for high-volume SKU inventories while providing a small footprint for storage space.
  • Improve Picking: All our storage/retrieval systems — such as the Drive-In Rack and Selective Pallet Rack — are designed for easy accessibility and can enhance accuracy, security, and picking speed.
  • Safety: Thornel warehouse racking systems include safety features and custom accessories to protect the warehouse team. Repair services and rack inspection are also available.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Our industrial storage solutions create space for more revenue-generating stations. They are rearrangeable, repurposable, and reusable.
  • Efficiency: Our systems support lean manufacturing and can help businesses stay organized, leading to higher productivity while minimizing waste.

Industrial Storage Solutions At Thornel Associates, Inc.

For more than 60 years, Thornel has been a trusted provider of various material handling solutions. We can work with our customers from beginning to end to design the ideal concept for your growing business needs.

Contact us about your next project, and together we can implement an affordable industrial storage solution that meets your specific requirements.