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Container products are an essential part of storage solutions for companies and manufacturers across various industries. With Thornel Associates’ trustworthy reputation and dependable and experienced sales staff, you can expect us to complete your projects on time and handle all your container needs. We offer bulk storage containers, attached lid containers, and stack and nest containers.

Bulk Storage Containers

Bulk storage containers meet the growing global demand for food shipments. They feature lower production, processing, packaging, transportation, distribution, and marketing costs. They also offer a cost-effective and value-laden solution to agricultural issues, such as product loss due to waste or contamination, ineffective or defective packaging, and worker injury.

Thornel offers two types of bulk storage containers: heavy-duty — containers that can hold up to 6000 lbs. and have drop gates and crane eye/hooks options — and collapsible, available in multiple heights.

Here are some benefits of bulk packaging:

Keep Products Dry and Pest Free

Polypropylene bulk packaging materials are water-resistant and protect the contents from moisture, preventing mold and mildew growth. In addition, odors are not transferred when bulk bags are stored close together. Due to their protective capabilities, these containers do not attract pests, regardless of what’s inside.

Provide Flexibility and Durability

Bulk storage containers offer durability and flexibility as they can withstand long-distance shipping and transport. They also prevent product spillage or breakage.

Ensure Eco-Friendly Protection

Bulk storage containers generate little waste during production. These containers can also be reused or recycled, and their durability adds to their environmental protection.

Improve Worker’s Welfare

Standard bulk packaging enables the automation of production and transportation processes, allowing control from a safe distance. In addition, less labor-intensive procedures lead to fewer costly on-site accidents.

Offer Valuable Weigh Cost

Polypropylene and similar materials help in keeping bulk packaging production costs low. These containers are capable of stretching storage investments and lowering product costs.

Attached Lid Containers

Attached lid containers (ALCs) feature an integral hinged lid and provide fortified security to prevent the loss and theft of high-value or high-risk items while in transit. Thornel offers ALCs suitable for shipping, picking, and storing needs in various industries.

ALCs stack securely with the attached lid closed and nest securely with the lid open. They also offer the following advantages:

Provide Secure Storage

High-value goods are protected in transit by tamper-evident safety seals. They work by making it easy to determine whether the contents have been accessed during delivery.

Prevent Storage Box Theft

All ALCs have visible printable areas when the containers are nestled with open lids. Therefore, adding any form of identification would significantly reduce the possibility of theft.

Promote Brand Identity

The large print area on the attached lid container allows for emphasizing the company logo and contact details.

Ensure Item’s Safety

The attached lid closes quickly and must be deployed for containers to stack. This means the cover is always closed when the crate is loaded, eliminating the possibility of the item damage.

Prevent Cross-Contamination

This type of container keeps dust and other contaminants from getting into the contents. This is especially critical in applications like pharmaceutical distribution.

Manage Supply Chain

Each ALC can substitute hundreds of single-trip cardboard boxes because it is reusable, tough, and durable, with a longevity of up to seven years. Moreover, they require no maintenance and have no disposal or assembly costs.

Promote Environmental Friendliness

ALCs help reduce the carbon footprint as they are reusable, space-saving, and recyclable.

Stack and Nest Containers

Stack and nest containers are sturdy trays that stack when full and nest when empty. They are widely used in the postal industry and for small parts in manufacturing. Thornel offers stack and nest containers for various food, distribution, and general manufacturing applications.

This container type provides the following benefits:

Ensure Recyclability

Stack and nest containers are 100% recyclable, which helps in promoting an eco-friendly packaging solution.

Enable Easy Lifting

This type of container has ergonomic handles, making all the lifting processes easier and more manageable. They also have smooth, finished edges that make them safer and easier to handle.

Protect Items from Breakage

Stack and nest containers have additional reinforcing ribs on the underside of the corner and flange, protecting the items from breaking due to heavy loads or mishandling.

Provide Flexibility and Temperature Resistance

These containers are compatible with various automated systems and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 °F to 120 °F.

High-Quality Container Products at Thornel Associates, Inc.

Thornel Associates has collaborated with top-notch vendors to encourage product development, project engineering, and quality control. From racks and shelving to containers, conveyors, mezzanines, and partitions, our company recommends only the best quality product for our customer’s projects.

We have been a premier provider of unique and customized material handling and storage equipment solutions with a diverse range of container products for over 60 years. Our team ensures active collaboration with our customers from start to finish to create the ideal concept for your business requirements.

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